News Roundup: Preemies Get Digestion Relief, and Jewish Orphans Escape Odessa

News Roundup: Preemies Get Digestion Relief, and Jewish Orphans Escape Odessa

By Yehudit Garmaise

Pre-term Babies with Tummy Troubles Get Relief

Premature babies who have trouble digesting milk and formula will have an easier time thanks to a new product that is tailor-made for newborns and is made from human insulin.

Elgan Pharma makes the product called ELGN-GI, that prevents several life-threatening complications for premature babies by reducing their need for intravenous feeding, improving gastrointestinal function, increasing absorptive surface area, and enhancing adaptation.

Ship Transporting Luxury Cars Catches Fire, Plunges to the Bottom of the Ocean

A ship named Felicity Ace, whose cargo included $155 million worth of Porsches, Lamborghinis, Audis, and Volkswagens caught fire Tuesday, and then sunk deep into the Atlantic Ocean, before reaching its destination in Rhode Island.                                                                                                     

The ship hit bad weather near the Azores Islands, which are off the coast of Portugal, when the boat went up in flames before plunging 200 nautical miles to the bottom of the sea.

Ukrainian Jewish Orphans, Cared for by Chabad Shluchim, Flee to Safety

More than 120 orphans, the youngest of whom is 37 days old, escaped war-torn Ukraine on four buses on Wednesday at 7am: thanks to Chabad shluchim, the Israeli Embassy, and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, which provided $4 million for the rescue operation.

Most of the children were residents of the orphanage that is usually lovingly run by

Rabbi Avraham and Chaya Wolff, who built and lead the Jewish community in Odessa. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Wolff, who are staying in Odessa to assist the elderly in a nursing home they run and protect others in the community, could be seen in a heartbreaking video posted on Instagram this morning, tearfully waving goodbye to their vulnerable little charges who safely arrived in Chisanau, Moldova.

For now, Chabad Rabbi Yehuda Tiechtel in Berlin, Germany, will look after the children, while they wait out the war.

Photo credit: Flickr 

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