Clarkstown Invites Public Opinion on Revamping Term Limits

Clarkstown Invites Public Opinion on Revamping Term Limits

M.C. Millman

The Clarkstown Board will hold a meeting next week seeking the public's viewpoints on if the town's term limits law should be repealed or extended.

Clarkstown is the only town in Rockland that has term limits. Currently, Clarkstown law limits elected from serving after eight consecutive years. If a proposal is not passed, both the supervisor and a council member would be prevented from seeking reelection next year. 

The Tuesday, November 29 public meeting will discuss two proposals. One proposal would allow for the option of restarting the clock for all elected officials allowing them to stay in office for an additional twelve years.

The other proposal would allow elected officials to serve for twelve years. The proposal restarts the term-limit clock so previous years of service would be voided.

The proposals apply to the four-year terms for the supervisor, Town Board members, highway department superintendent, and town clerk. 

Four board votes are required to revoke the law, and a majority vote would be needed to amend it.

Of the five board members, Rockland Journal News reports that Patrick Carroll, Donald Franchino, and Michael Graziano feel the voters should decide the issue in a public referendum. 

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