Lace Up Those Sneakers: Hiking Safety Tips

Lace Up Those Sneakers: Hiking Safety Tips

By Idy Perl

Hiking is a great way to get out there, connect to nature, and do some exercise. There are many beautiful hiking trails in and around Rockland, but before you lace up those sneakers it’s important to review some hiking safety. 

Wear the proper clothing, including good, supportive sneakers, and breathable hiking gear. 

Hike with a partner or tell a family member or friend when you’re going hiking so that someone knows where you are.

Use bug spray to repel bugs and avoid ticks and other bug bites. 

Never go off the trail. Many local trails are located in large, wooded areas where it’s easy to get lost. Always stick to the marked trail so you know where you’re going and coming from. 

Bring plenty of water, and a little extra in case the trail takes longer than expected. 

Observe hiking etiquette; allow other hikers to pass by, be respectful of others on the trail, and don’t leave any garbage behind. 

In case of an emergency with a phone on low battery, text 911 instead of calling, since texting takes less power and is more likely to go through. Turn off all unnecessary phone apps, Bluetooth, etc. to conserve battery.  Don't call every family member and friend if not necessary; you will share your lost story later.

Most of all, have a great time, snap some cool pictures, and take in the peace and quiet. 

Happy hiking!

Photo by: Shutterstock

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