Developers Unveil Plans for 500 Housing Units on Letchworth Property in Stony Point

Developers Unveil Plans for 500 Housing Units on Letchworth Property in Stony Point

By: Yitzy Fried 

Hudson Park Group, a developer with projects throughout the Tri-State area, has unveiled plans to bring housing to Stony Point. It would bring a variety of housing options upon the dozens of acres of the property. 

Letchworth Village was a home for the mentally disabled, which was operational from the year 1911 to year 1996. 

According to Wikipedia, “the village, a residential institution located in the hamlet of Thiells was built for the physically and mentally disabled of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly. Opened in 1911, Letchworth Village at its peak consisted of over 130 buildings spread out over many acres of land. It was named for William Pryor Letchworth, who espoused reform in the treatment and care of the insane, epileptics, and poor children.” 

Letchworth was closed in 1996, leaving the buildings to decay, and for future developers to have to invest millions of dollars before being able to build there. 

At a hearing for Stony Point residents, the plans were met with mixed reaction, with some residents eager to see the project move forward, and some more hesitant, and wishing to hear more details before voting in favor of it. 

Should the project be greenlit by neighbors, it would proceed to the planning and environmental board for final approval, and this is when the remediation of the property would commence prior to development.  

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