Admor of Spinka-Antwerp in Monsey for Shabbos

Admor of Spinka-Antwerp in Monsey for Shabbos

By: Rockland Daily Staff 

In honor of of a simcha in his family, the Spinka-Antwerpener Rebbe will spend shabbos in Monsey, conducting tischen and tefillos. 

The rebbe is a son-in-law of Rav Yankale Lazer of Pshevorsk, zt”l, of Antwerp, and his son, Rav Tzvi serves as the Pshevorsker Rebbe of Monsey. 

This week, his son, Rav Noftoli Elimelech Kahana married off a son, to the daughter of Rav Yaakov Menachem Tennenbaum of Monsey, a scion of the Torno dynasty. 

The rebbe will join Shabbos sheva brochos in Monsey, with tefillos and tichen taking place in the Viznitzer girls school at 229 Maple Avenue. 

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