TRIBUTE: The Skverer Rebbetzin, a”h, Scion of Tzaddikim, Matriarch to Thousands of Chassidim

TRIBUTE: The Skverer Rebbetzin, a”h, Scion of Tzaddikim, Matriarch to Thousands of Chassidim

By Yitzy Fried

Thousands of Skverer chassidim around the world have plunged into deep mourning with the news of the passing of the Skverer Rebbetzin, Rebbetzin Chaya Chana Twersky, the life partner of, ybl”ch, the Skverer Rebbe, shlit”a, and the matriarch of the Chassidus. She was 81 years of age and had battled an illness for the last two years. 

The Rebbetzin was the eldest daughter of the Yeshu’os Moshe of Viznitz-Bnei Brak, making her the sister of the Admorim of Viznitz, as well as the Rebbetzins of Satmar and Belz. 

The Rebbetzin was born in Deezh, Hungary, in the year 1943—in the midst of WWII—and was named for her grandmother, Rebbetzin Chaya Chana of Tchachov, a daughter of Rav Moshele of Shinova, a son of the Divrei Yechezkel of Shinova. She was saved from the horrors of the Holocaust through great miracles as a child of one year old. Her father, the Viznitzer Rebbe, would recount the story of their survival with great emotion for many years to come. 

As a child growing up in the Viznizter court, first in Tel Aviv and later in Bnei Brak, she was especially beloved by her grandfather, the Imrei Chaim of Viznitz, and she absorbed the holy atmosphere of the court, influences that remained with her for a lifetime. 

Her marriage to ybl”ch, the Skverer Rebbe, shlit”a remains a historic event in the annals of the Chassidic world. The joy that the marriage brought to the Admorim and to the Chassidim, who had been through so much in the previous years, is indescribable. 

When the couple moved to the town of New Square, they were escorted by their grandfather, the Imrei Chaim, who accompanied them to the airport. 

With the passing of her father-in-law, the previous Skverer Rebbe, in 1969, she became the Skverer Rebbetzin, a role in which she exhibited her great refinement and extreme generosity. She stood at the side of her husband at every turn, even as she was active in myriads of chessed activities, which included taking an active role in the Aim B’Yisroel home for new mothers. 

She raised seven children who are leaders in the Chassidus or married to Admorim and Rabbonim. She sadly lost her daughter, the Zvehiller Rebbetzin, one year ago. 

A special custom that the Rebbetzin had was that she would gift a kiddush cup to every chosson from the Chassidus on the Shabbos before his wedding, thereby expressing her joy at yet another home being established in the Chassidus. 

Her trademark was always her quiet and unassuming way, serving as a role model for the women of the Chassidus for humility and piety. 

As noted, she had been unwell in recent years, and this afternoon, she returned her soul to its Maker while surrounded by her children and grandchildren, plunging the Rebbe, his family, and the entire Chassidus into deep mourning. 

The levaya this evening is expected to draw thousands of Chassidim who will join the rebbe in escorting the Rebbetzin on her final journey. 

Yehi zichra baruch.

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