News Roundup: Sudden Snowstorm Causes 60-Vehicle Pile-up, Ukrainian Holocaust Survivors Find Refuge in Germany, Microplastics from Food Packaging Circulate in Humans’ Blood

By Yehudit Garmaise

Sudden White-out Snow Squall Causes 60-Vehicle Pile-up in Northeastern Pennsylvania

The blinding snowfall and gusty winds that were suddenly brought on a whiteout snow squall in northeast Pennsylvania at 10:30am caused such slippery roads and low visibility on Interstate 81 that three people tragically died, after more than 60 cars, trucks, and tractor-trailors collided, with some bursting into flames, in a massive pile-up.

More than 12 people had to be taken to local hospitals, said the Schuylkill County coroner, who expected the death toll to rise, as patients are treated.

Ukrainian Holocaust Survivors Evacuated to…Germany?

“When I was a little girl, I had to flee from the Germans with my mom to Uzbekistan, where we had nothing to eat and I was so scared of all those big rats there,” remembered 83-year-old Larisa Dzuenko, a retired engineer, who is one of the 10,000 elderly Holocaust survivors who have been evacuated from Ukraine in the past two weeks to find unexpected shelter in nursing homes in of all places: Germany.

The New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims, which represents the world’s Jews in seeking compensation for victims of Nazi persecution and provides in many ways for Holocaust survivors worldwide, is working with partners, such as the American Joint Distribution Committee to get as many Holocaust survivors as possible, out of Ukraine.

“All my life I thought the Germans were evil, but now they were the first ones to reach out to us and rescue us,” said 83-year-old Tatyana Zhuravliova, who said she feels safe and is well-fed. “To me, it looks like this country has learned from the past and is trying to do something good for us now.”

Food Packaging and Plastic Drink Bottles Release Microplastics that Enter Humans’ Bloodstreams

Food and drink packaging may be even less healthy as some of the low-nutritional food the packaging contains, Dutch scientists seemed to say after discovering that 80% of the 22 study participants had microplastic particles floating in their blood, according to research that was published in the journal “Environment International.”

Most the blood samples that contained plastic particles was composed of the materials that are used in food packaging and plastic drink bottles: leading researchers to believe that the chemicals leaked into foods and drinks from their packaging. The remaining blood samples contained a substance that is used to make plastic shopping bags, which apparently release microplastic particles into the air we breathe, to later enter our bloodstreams.

While the full implications of the new study are unknown, the researchers, who were concerned, warned microplastics can cause damage to human cells, travel throughout the body, and get lodged in our organs.

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