A Briders Chasuna - Hershy Langsam Feat. Lipa Schmeltzer & The Shira Choir

Get ready to jam with A Briders Chasuna - a musical experience filled with joy and energy!

Hershy Langsam the creative mind behind the music (and the stage) teamed up with the all beloved Lipa Schmeltzer & The Shira Choir to bring you captivating and enjoyable performance that will get you moving and grooving!

In honor of his brother's wedding, Hershy known by all for his energetic music, decided to put together a spectacular stage and production as well as a banger musical set combining old nostalgic and contemporary tunes.

After seeing the stunning stage Hershy realized it would be a wasted opportunity not to record and release a video so y'all can enjoy too.

Watch and enjoy. It is guaranteed to get you dancing and singing along!

Spread the joy! Share with friends and family!


Music Arranged by: Hershy Langsam

Vocalist: Lipa Schmeltzer

Choir: Shira Choir lead by Yoily Horowitz

Guitar: Mendy Oberlander

Live Sound: BH Productions

Engineer: Yoely Karpen

Videographer: Motty Engel & Ari Levy

Video Editing By: Ari Levy

Stage Design: Gedalya Weiser

Lighting: GW Lighting

Post Production: Shloime Wechter

Thumbnail: Avrumy @Triangle Media

Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

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