100 Dayonim Gather for Timely Shiur on Worm Infestation in Foods

100 Dayonim Gather for Timely Shiur on Worm Infestation in Foods

By: Yitzy Fried 

Every month, Rav Yosef Yisroel Eisenberger, the esteemed dayan of New Square, holds a shiur in which many Rabbonim and dayonim in communities throughout the Tri-State area receive shimush in practical halacha across the gamut of issues that pertain to everyday halacha in Jewish homes. 

The shiurim generally take place in Ateres Charna, and this month one hundred rabbonim and dayonim were given a presentation on the issue of worm infestation in foods by Rabbi Mendel Einhorn, today considered one of the world’s foremost experts in worm infestation in foods, and relied upon the world’s largest kashrus agencies in this area.

Rabbi Einhorn demonstrated on actual foods, using microscopes, how they can often be crawling with a variety of insects. 

Among the often-surprising issues of infestation are orange peels, which gave birth to a recent controversy about the kashrus of orange juice.  

The entire pineapple peel can often be infested with mites, and all the brown parts must be removed, and onion and garlic must be checked. Raw fish and meat, when left out even for a few minutes, can attract flies, which then lay an entire cluster of eggs which can be seen under a microscope!

Previous shiurim covered the area of tevilas keilim, and other relevant and timely information that our dayonim must be armed with in order to rule halacha for Jewish homes. 


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